#NewYork's 1st #ArticleX Siting Board hearing was held in the Town of #Cassadaga Wednesday, 1/17/18. The Administrative law judge that was overseeing the approval of the wind factory in Cassadaga said they approved it because the "project was not likely to affect the character of the community"?!? Smoke another one dude! Somerset Supervisor @danEngert: "Siting board confirms unwillingness to overrule local laws" http://ift.tt/2rm1v2x http://ift.tt/2rm1v2x Yesterday (Jan. 17) the Article 10 Siting Board approved construction of the 125 megawatt Cassadaga Wind Project in Chautauqua County. Although Big Wind may have won in Cassadaga, comments madehttp://http://ift.tt/2zdPuzM


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