New data shows Governor Andrew Cuomo's #renewableenergy push isn't delivering the promised results. New data from NYISO, which oversees the state’s electrical grid and wholesale market, indicates 28% of the energy sold into the competitive market in 2017 came from renewables, up from 24% a year earlier.... "That increase, however, was driven primarily by increased output from existing hydroelectric generators, chiefly the state-run dams at Niagara Falls and Massena. The two largest dams, which produce most of the state’s hydroelectric power, saw an 8 percent jump in output “due to increased water levels on Lakes Erie and Ontario resulting in higher water flow to the Niagara and St. Lawrence hydroelectric plants,” according to the state Power Authority." Cuomo’s renewable flop (cont’d.) by Kenneth Girardin | April 17, 2018 | NY Torch Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard has spurred just one-fifth of the new renewable energy generation promised in 2016. New data from New York Independent System Operator, which oversees the state’s.....


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