DOE Confirms Threat to Grid Reliability -- From the report’s executive summary: “During the worst of the storm from January 5-6, 2018, actual U.S. electricity market experience demonstrated that without the resilience of coal- and fuel oil/dual-firing plants—its ability to add 24-hour baseload capacity—the eastern United States would have suffered severe electricity shortages, likely leading to widespread blackouts.” “Experience with such blackouts indicates the potentially enormous toll in both economic losses and human suffering associated with widespread lack of electricity, utilized as the primary home heating source for nearly 40 percent of U.S. households, and necessary for running the electric fans of natural gas furnaces, for extended periods.” …DOE Confirms Threat to Grid Reliability… Several previous articles explored whether grid reliability was being endangered when RTO/ISOs used auctions to select which generation source to use. The initial article described how oil saved New England from blackouts this past Continue reading DOE C...


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