The Finger Lakes Guardian monthly publication

The Finger Lakes Guardian is a new alternative monthy news/feature publication for the Central New York & Finger Lakes region. We've made it our mission to engage the community with a more responsible form of media. This means we will not accept advertising from businesses whose practices are potentially harmful to the environment.

Our goal is to increase demand for earth-friendly business and lighten demand for products and services which may be detrimental to our environment. You won't find Walmart's weekly sale specials or any finance plans for a new Hummer H2. You will find local cafes, performance centers, book stores, and various earth-friendly services.

We recognize our readers as a group of driven and conscientious people. They care about their health, their environment, and their community.

In addition to our hard news coverage and sassy features, we'll carry sections such as regional events, art, food, the outdoors, home&energy, humor, classifieds, opinion letters, among many other locally engaging sections and topics.


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