What could have been a contentious meeting on hydraulic fracturing turned out to be relatively mild Thursday night when residents of Fremont gathered to hear a presentation from Keuka College Professor Kasey Klingensmith.

Klingensmith stressed the importance of possible contamination associated with hydrofracking and its potential impact on the community. The flowback, or water and chemical mix used to create fissures and release natural gas, has no safe disposal, she said. There are also concerns about the impact gas company trucking would have on town roads.

“It’s a poorly regulated industry. The laws that you and I have to follow, and if you own a business or have a farm, the same laws that you have to follow, the gas industry is basically the only industry that doesn’t have to follow,” she said during the presentation at the town hall.

Klingensmith also stressed the importance of updating the town’s comprehensive plan to establish zoning rules and road protection.

Fresh on the mind of many who spoke during the comment period was the security of the town’s groundwater versus a potential boon to the area’s economy.

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