Nunda company fights against hydrofracking

A Nunda company that produces organic products has expressed its concern to local and state officials that New York’s organic industry may be in danger if hydraulic fracturing commences.

As explained by Once Again Nut Butter, a Nunda company that produces organic nut butters, New York is currently the third largest producer of organic foods in the U.S., and all 1,600 organic farms in the state could be in jeopardy of losing organic status, Gael Orr, communications maganger for Once Again said.

The company stated in its January newsletter that hydrofracking is exempt from a half dozen federal statutes: Safe Water Drinking Act; Clean Water Act; Clean Air Act; Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and National Environmental Policy Act.

Such exemptions, referred to as the “Haliburton Loophole,” have left Orr scratching her head and wondering how this could be. With these exemptions, Orr wonders if the gas companies would have the moral fiber to take responsibility on their own.

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