Empire plans pipeline into Corning

A company is planning to build a $43 million natural gas pipeline from just south of the Pennsylvania border up to Corning.

Empire Pipeline Inc. is currently in the early stages of the project, which would stretch approximately 16 miles from the northwest corner of Tioga County, Pa., north through Caton to the town of Corning.

The pipeline would bring gas produced from the Marcellus Shale and Trenton-Black River formations up to a compressor station on Quackenbush Hill in Corning, and would “transport abundant supplies of domestic, clean-burning natural gas to consumers in this region and beyond,” according to a release from Empire Pipeline.

From the Corning compressor station, the proposed pipeline would connect with the Millenium Pipeline, a major artery across the Southern Tier which ships gas as far away as the New York City and Boston areas.

Empire Pipeline currently has a pipeline, roughly in the shape of a “T,” that stretches from 157 miles from Buffalo to Syracuse, and 76 miles from Rochester to Corning. The proposed segment would extend the Rochester-Corning pipeline south into Pennsylvania to service new drilling areas, said Donna DeCarolis, Empire Pipeline spokeswoman.

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