Understanding carbon markets and footprints is now more important for US companies to learn. Our introductory seminar on carbon trading and finance has been given to over 900 people incuding many Fortune 1000. Our next seminar is on the afternoon of October 28th in New York."With the Senate debating climate change legislation, the time is more opportune to get up on the learning curve on carbon trading and finance," said Peter Fusaro, Chairman of Global Change Associates and carbon expert.

The U.S. is about to enter the carbon constrained world. Today, we are facing federal carbon cap and trade legislation debated in the Congress in 2009. Already states on both coasts and the Midwest are already implementing carbon regulation. However, there is much confusion on how these markets develop. Peter Fusaro has been actively engaged on energy and environmental issues for over 34 years from both public policy and capital markets, and has been involved in climate change initiatives since 1990. This market is very complex and can be hard for the layman to understand. Peter’s insights into carbon market developments are now sought by industry professionals, financial institutions, technology companies and policy makers in order to simplify market design as well as identify investment opportunities. Recognizing the need for his unique expertise, Peter is offering a continuously revised four hour course on carbon market developments in the U.S. and Europe from 2008 due to the dynamism of the market and policy developments.

Since December 2006, more than 900 professionals have taken Peter Fusaro’s webinars, classroom seminars, and in-house trainings on green trading, cleantech & emissions trading, renewable energy trading and carbon market developments. Law firms, trade associations and leading universities throughout the US and Europe have invited Peter to present his “Introduction to Carbon Markets and Finance’ seminar.


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