In Support of a Twelve Month Extension of Our Moratorium on the Development of Industrial Wind Turbines in the Town of Lyme

Town of Lyme Board, My family is a 6 year summer resident here in Chaumont, on Point Salubrious, and we ask that you extend the moratorium on Industrial Wind Turbines in the Town of Lyme. There is no need to continue with this mad rush of placing industrial wind turbines. The primary asset of the Golden Crescent, and what brought my family here is the unspoiled natural beauty and serenity of the area. As I move into retirement I've hoped to make this my primary residence, now I'm scared what our area will become. I went up and viewed the western end of Wolf Island and was horrified at what I saw. I'm scared as to what may happen to our community and can only imagine the negative impact this will have on the value of our water front properties here in Lyme. I would guess that a very significant portion of our local tax base is in fact from all of these waterfront properties, let's not shoot ourselves in the foot for what may amount to a short term gain for a few residents at the expense of the rest of the town. Over the last twelve months we have paid $5,153.86 in local real estate taxes, will the land owners of these new industrial wind turbines shoulder a shift in tax burden?

Let's continue our moratorium on all Industrial Wind Turbine projects and assess where we are, the wind is not going anywhere! Let's preserve what we have for all and go slowly and carefully with a project that has such powerful and long reaching implications to our local community and offers benefits to so few.

We ask that this letter/email be made a part of public record at the October 14th town council meeting. I would appreciate this letter be read at this meeting in our absence. Please protect my property rights.

Charlie, Robin, Megan and Emma Sidwa


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