Today, more than 100 protesters lined up today outside our studio in downtown Rochester.

It was all part of "Operation Can You Hear Us Now".

It’s a re-creation of this year's September 12th rally in Washington D.C. Two-million people participated in the D.C. rally, to protest what they say is out of control government spending, big government, and budget deficits.

Today’s group says most media outlets didn't cover the story correctly, or underestimated how many people feel this country is in trouble.

John Cocca, a protestor said, "The alternative is to do nothing and just sit there. I just think that these people, for quite a while, have wanted to say something. And I think they see where we've been...where we are...and where we're going. And if we don't change our course, we're going to head off a cliff."

Rochester is just one stop on their tour through cities across the country.

The group also protested outside the democrat and chronicle.


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