East Rochester out to tame the wind?

East Rochester officials are looking into wind power to help save on electricity costs.

Among the options under consideration are wind turbine units that look like giant flowers. They’re produced by WindTamer Corp., a relatively new business in Geneseo, Livingston County. Village Administrator Marty D’Ambrose said they sell for about $19,000 each, but that WindTamer has offered them to the village at $15,000 each.

D’Ambrose said Assemblyman David Koon, D-Perinton, who recently started working for WindTamer as vice president of engineering, brought the units to the attention of the village, which is also part of his district.

“He thought, knowing the village well, that this would be something that would be a good opportunity, and he was able to convince them to give us a cost break,” D’Ambrose said — noting Koon’s son, East Rochester Mayor Jason Koon, has “stated emphatically” that he would not participate in voting on the matter, should it come to a vote.

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