The projects, which were competitively selected under the State Energy Program, represent the first step of funding from a program that will total $74 million. Additional awards are expected to be made before the end of the year. Measures funded include installation of lighting and lighting controls, solar photovoltaic systems, high efficiency biomass boilers, solar thermal and small wind generators and alternative-fuel refueling stations and vehicles. Award recipients include municipalities, public schools, universities and colleges, hospitals and not-for-profit agencies.

More than 427 proposals were received by NYSERDA and evaluated on a competitive basis. Primary selection criteria included technical viability, cost-effectiveness, demonstration of compliance with program requirements, and cost sharing. Each awardee must still successfully enter into contract and meet all ARRA requirements prior to funding being released.

Francis J. Murray, Jr., NYSERDA President and CEO said: “Implementing energy efficiency and conservation measures is absolutely critical to achieving the State’s mission to reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and attain energy security. The State Energy Program fits hand in glove with the Governor’s ambitious energy goals of meeting 45 percent of the State’s electricity needs through improved energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2015, and reducing greenhouse gas pollution within the State by 80 percent by the year 2050. NYSERDA looks forward to working with the award recipients to help them achieve the greatest savings possible.”

The next round of funding for the remaining $49.9 million has been announced with proposals due to NYSERDA on November 23, 2009. Additional due dates will be available pending remaining funding availability. Visit for more information about RFP 1613.

A detailed table of the energy conservation projects awarded can be found at:


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