Horseheads couple sues gas services company

A Horseheads couple has filed a $5 million lawsuit against a gas drilling services company that located next to their home and has become a constant source of noise, diesel fumes and other inconveniences.

The suit was filed this week in Chemung County's state Supreme Court by David and Deborah Harnas, 145 Old Ithaca Road, against Gas Field Specialists Inc., located in The Center at Horseheads industrial park. In addition to punitive damages, the lawsuit also seeks to have the Pennsylvania-based company cease its Horseheads operations.

The Harnases' attorney, Luciano Lama of Ithaca, said the couple contacted him about two weeks ago after unsuccessfully taking their concerns to Horseheads village officials. Lama said he and his clients will "be looking at the village next."

The Harnases' lawsuit is assigned to Supreme Court Justice Judy O'Shea. A hearing date has been set for Dec. 22, Lama said. The filing also requested a temporary restraining order be placed against the company while the lawsuit works its way through the court, but O'Shea did not grant the order. Lama said that issue will be one of his first orders of business at the December hearing.

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  1. Deborah Harnas said...

    I am Deborah Harnas, my husband and I have begun this lawsuit posted on your site against Gas Field Specialist Corp. in Horseheads, NY. Although I cannot comment on that issue at this time, we so appreciate you posting it on your website. I stumbled upon it while doing a google search for other info.

    We would like to pass along to you a video clip from Utube that quite well resembles what our backyard now looks like and sounds like. This video will bring tears to the eyes of anyone who really cares about the future of our land and the life of our future generations. Thank you. See Below

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