The New York State Public Service Commission today announced approval of the process by which Iberdrola SA, the owner of Rochester Gas & Electric Corp., would sell off certain fossil fuel plants as required as part of its purchase of RG&E and New York State Gas and Electric Corp.

“A fair and equitable plan has been crafted to enable Iberdrola to divest itself of the fossil fuel plants it acquired last year as part of its purchase of Energy East’s New York assets,” said Commission Chairman Garry Brown. “This divestiture plan will speed the sale of the power plants and benefit rate-payers long-term.”

Among the assets that will be sold are RG&E Stations 3 and 9, each consisting of an 18-megawatt combustion turbine; RG&E’s Allegany Station, a 62-megawatt combined cycle gas-fired facility; and RG&E’s Russell Station site, where a coal-fired generation facility was recently retired.

The properties would be sold at auction, with RG&E permitted to retain 10 percent of the net proceeds up to a maximum of $5 million.


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