Citizen Power


CITIZEN POWER exists to promote public understanding of, and involvement in, socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues and policy development. In furtherance thereof, Citizen Power will conduct research and make available objective, balanced information to all segments of the community, via the distribution of publications and participation in appropriate public fora.

CITIZEN POWER is the outgrowth of 20 years of work for safe, clean and affordable energy. We work to protect the consumer and the environment by influencing public policy through research, education and advocacy. As educators, we disseminate information, in an understandable format, through the media, and by providing direct educational services to requesting organizations. As advocates, we participate in regulatory and legal proceedings at the state, regional and national level that can impact the environment and the regional economy.

CITIZEN POWER is considering providing advocacy services in other issue areas, however, all of our resources are currently dedicated to insuring that low-income consumers and environmental interests are represented in the process to deregulate the electric generation industry.

Click here to read about some of the remarkable achievements resulting from our advocacy work.

CITIZEN POWER operates several projects as part of its Energy for a Healthy Environment program.


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