The universe abounds with energy - David Amsler

Our task is to harness it and use it wisely.

This page will be used to post news and articles relating to progress in new technologies in generating and using energy that can free us from imported oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are on the cusp of a major revolution in energy use. For the first time, we have batteries that allow decent sized automobiles to run practical distances on electricity with greater effciency than the internal combustion engine can offer, and heat pumps that can pump more energy than they consume, to efficiently heat and cool homes and buildings. Both require ample supplies of affordable electrical energy that is available when needed, and generated from clean U.S. derived sources.

Please pass this Information on to friends not currently concerned with energy issues so they can better grasp the opportunities we risk losing with misguided policies that promote boondoggles like corn-to-ethanol and wind turbines.

Our current misguided energy subsides impede this revolution, and risk denying this country the opportunity to regain technological leadership and real jobs.

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