This site is created to help bring rational thought to energy production. Mainstream energy thought processes have managed to infiltrate the alternate energy movement and steal it's thunder and lure.

Has anyone even considered that our whole approach to energy may be the real problem? Of course there are dirty and clean methods for creating energy as well as energy resources that are limited in supply as with hydrocarbons.. That much is obvious on the face of the issue and should be dealt with using appropriate methods and technologies. What I'm really wanting to discuss today is our whole philosophical approach to energy production and distribution.

The discovery and use of energy is the true source of civilization. Without other than human energy we would very likely still be squatted in caves and shelters chipping flint and tying it to sticks. We would be huddled together on cold days trying our best to keep warm by combining our body heat. By the way it's your turn to move to the outside of the huddle...

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