The Myth and Reality of the Carbon Market

Following the success of our highly respected series of Symposiums – Energy Risk Management and Efficiency and Renewable Energy Summit – ACI is proud to present this brand new, senior level Forum, the benchmark setting Event for the America’s Emerging Carbon Market, providing an arena for participants to discuss and debate the financial and practical implications of the carbon trading market. The Year 2008 will see more progress toward carbon markets in the US, with emissions trading systems for greenhouse gases being constructed in various regions of the country and proposals for a federal carbon trading plan gaining traction in Congress. ACI’s The Myth and Reality of the Carbon Market Symposium will assemble top executives in the energy, utilities and financial industries who are successfully implementing carbon strategies to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Join public and private sector delegates from across the United States and Canada for an innovative Symposium of Speakers, panel discussions and workshops covering the following topics: • The status of North American carbon markets and how they are likely to develop • Opportunities for North American Investors in global carbon finance • Understanding the impact of carbon on the power and natural gas markets • Trading: Liquidity and market structure • Long term global and North American carbon prices • The Climate Registry – an North American climate initiative • Carbon Capture and Sequestration • The voluntary Carbon Market • The role of Energy Efficiency ….. And much more!

WHO WILL ATTEND: Senior-level executives, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Directors, Senior Managers and General Managers in the Energy industry who are responsible for and have a vested interest in: • Green Power Marketing • Sustainable Energy • Renewable Projects • Energy Operations • Power Generation • Environmental Policy • Engineering • Commodity Trading • Risk Management • Regulatory and Compliance • Research and Development • Strategic / Corporate Planning

CONFERENCE FEES AND REGISTRATION Conference Fee: $2,390 Conference Documentation CD: $615 (Documentation CD includes copies of all proceedings on CD and shipping is included) REGISTER 3 & GET 1 FREE! Any organization registering three persons at the same time will be entitled to a fourth registrant FREE of charge!


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