Fourth Annual Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century
Seeking Solutions through Environmental Partnerships – Government, Business, Environmentalists, Academia
April 11, 2008
Cazenovia College

Don't miss hearing these outstanding speakers. This is a FREE event including lunch. Registration is filling quickly. If you have not registered, do it now. You must register to come. If you have registered, please send this to a friend or colleague.


*Pete Grannis, New York State DEC Commissioner
*Kit Kennedy, Special Deputy New York Attorney General for Environment
*Theo Spencer, NRDC Climate Center
*Jim Tripp, Environmental Defense
*Dr. Ashok Gupta, Director, Air and Energy Program, NRDC
*Ed Bogucz, Executive Director, Syracuse Center of Excellence,
*Dr. Richard Perez, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center SUNY-Albany
*Dr. Thomas Amidon, SUNY ESF
*Jodi Smits Anderson, Dormitory Authority
*Congressman Mike Arcuri
*New York State Senator David Valesky

The Annual Symposium has become known throughout New York State as one of, if not the most important energy conference in the state. It attracts more than 300 attendees from all over New York as well as several surrounding states and Washington D.C.

If you have not already signed in, take the time to register now - you must register to come! For registration, information on the full program, and sponsorship opportunities go to: See you there! Rhea

Rhea Jezer, Ph.D
Senior Lecturer
Environmental Policy


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