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Reply To whom it may concern;

The relevance of the Governors' TF on global warming is indicated inits' name. Scientists, who are quite divided on the belief that global warming even exists, do not refer to the change in climate as global warming but instead call it climate change. They are equally divided about if any of the change is caused by mankind or not. Perhaps the State of Wisconsin should be more concerned with a $650 million deficit this biennium than trying (in futility) to save the Earth. Half of the CO2 emissions worldwide are caused by China. Why don't we try to enact protectionist tariffs to restrict trade of Chinese goods, instead of doing little or no good? Either option is almost as ludicrous as the other, but hindering trade much actually have a small impact on CO2.. The learned of Middle Europe blamed the Black Plague on the Jews, and that caused the killing of thousands of Jews at Strausbourg in 1348. The ignorance of those "learned" was as dangerous as the power they had to act upon it. Of course, we can duly beat our chests by proclaiming we are "earth friendly". As with the movie industry, why let truth get in the way?

Global Warming. Indeed!

Mike Winkler
Author of "Wind Power...It Blows!


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