Commission orders NYSEG to improve bill notices

NEW YORK - The New York State Public Service Commission Wednesday ordered that the New York State Electric & Gas Corporation implement a Price-to-Compare bill notice that will allow customers to make informed decisions about the energy the consumer purchases, and to reduce customer confusion about which energy supply option may be the most advantageous to each customer.

On August 29, 2007, the Commission adopted the terms and conditions of a Joint Proposal for NYSEG’s electric supply service. Among the matters addressed by the Order was a proposal that the company display a Price-to-Compare notice on the bills of customers who receive electric supply from NYSEG, but who are not mandatory hourly pricing customers. The parties to the Joint Proposal agreed to collaborate on the details and implementation of the price-to-compare bill notice.

Under the proposal that has been accepted by the Commission to implement the Price-to-Compare notice, NYSEG will modify its billing system, by March 31, 2008, to include new information, including mention that a consumer could achieve some tax savings if they switch to an ESCO and that, if the ESCO includes its charges on the consumer’s NYSEG bill, the consumer would not have to pay NYSEG’s bill issuance charge. NYSEG will make a Price-to-Compare calculation on a cents per kWh basis on bills for customers who receive supply from NYSEG.


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